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SP Happy But Stubborn / FC Transfer Fix / Amazon’s “remeasure” Widget

February 09, 2023| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello all

1️⃣ A few more aged accounts were requested to schedule video calls with their funds in reserve; Some sellers received trademark infringement saying “‘High – Repeat violation'” for asins never listed; SP was in a good mood but being stubborn on this false positive unfair suspension.

2️⃣ From a concerned ASGTG member.” Some have had success with “FC Transfer” cases by asking for bin checks. Often times it’s the case where Amazon is unable to assign the units to an ASIN, or they think there is a labelling issue. (i.e., it’s not actually an “FC Transfer” problem, it’s just that the units have been sidelined).”

3️⃣ Chris Rawlings, can show you the most powerful Amazon PPC strategies you’ve ever seen including, PPC protocols to rank products, PPC protocols to expand margin, PPC protocols to increase sales. $47/seat, only 127 seats left in our winter AMAZON PPC Challenge. See if you apply (sponsored)

4️⃣ Since the new fee schedule took effect in January, Amazon has gotten even more granular with their fulfillment fee structure. Items under 1lb now have different fees for every 4oz, and items over 1lb have different fees for every .5 lb. It is critical that you review again the FBA fees on all your listings, as there’s a good chance you’re being overcharged. Use Amazon’s “remeasure” widget to request a fee review for an ASIN. (HT SA)

5️⃣ Amazon Sellers need to be careful when talking to the media as they can twist and quote you as saying exactly the opposite of what you actually said. See this reporter totally misquoting me and parsed my words to say exactly the opposite of what I said.

6️⃣ “We received your submission, but will not remove the associated policy violation from your Account Health page due to your history of similar past violations. Listings on Amazon must comply with all applicable laws and regulations and with Amazon’s policies.”

7️⃣ “Invalid Appeal: Legal Opinion Rejected”

8️⃣ “If we’ve informed you that no further action will be taken on an issue, don’t seek to obtain a different outcome by reopening the case.”

9️⃣ New ASGTG Business Finance group.

🔟 Showing up on AH dashboard which keeps improving. Customer reviews policy violation (compensation offered for reviews through off Amazon channels)

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller

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