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IP Accelerator is a game changer/Verification e-mail to suppliers/ Suspensions for gift card Violations.

October 03, 2019| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All
1) Amazon announced IP Accelerator which is a new program that allows PL sellers to register a TM with a vetted by Amazon law firm for a fixed price. The major advantage is that it gives the brands earlier access to brand protection features instead of waiting for months or longer until the TM is actually completed. This is a game-changer as it substantially lowers the barrier of entry for anyone that wants to start selling PL as you can start protecting your brand when you FILE for a TM. “Brands will benefit from automated brand protections, which proactively block bad listings from Amazon’s stores, increased authority over product data in our store, and access to our Report a Violation tool,”

2)  This is the email Amazon sends to suppliers to verify an invoice. “Greetings from Amazon. A third-party seller on Amazon has provided us with invoices from your company. We would like to verify the details of the transaction.
Invoice Number: #XXXXXX
Date: XX/XX/2019
Please confirm that this information matches your records. Any additional information you can provide will be helpful as well. We appreciate your assistance in this matter. Any information shared will be kept confidential. Reference Number: XXXXXX. Regards, Amazon Seller Performance Team.”

As you can see, your supplier can easily figure out your selling on Amazon when they check for invoice verification.

3) Sellersfunding is a data-driven alternative lender focused on Amazon Sellers and providing finance for up to $500,000 in as fast as 24h. More than 10,000 Amazon Sellers are registered on the SellersFunding App, a powerful tool that shows monthly updates of your pre-qualification for funding with no credit score impact and zero commitment. You can APPLY HERE or email (Sponsored).

4) “We have closed your account and canceled all outstanding orders. We took these actions because either the Amazon Gift Card or the Amazon Gift Card balance you are using is in violation of our Terms and Conditions. We cannot reissue the gift card or reimburse you for these funds.” If you are doing ANYTHING with gift cards, do so on an account disconnected from your sellers’ account. Amazon is very strict about anything related to gift cards. Once this happens, I think you need to figure out a way to reinstate the buyer account or the seller account remains closed.

5)  Casemate is back! Sellers started receiving RO complaints from Casemate after a long break.

6) “Greetings, we apologize for the delay in responding to this case. There was an unanticipated spike in volume recently. Thank you for your message.”

7) If you receive an inauthentic complaint and Amazon is not asking for a POA and invoices, it seems like it is advantageous to at least send in invoices even though they do not ask. You will likely receive a response thanking you for willing to comply.

8) Sellers that are gated out of a brand are often being given an XX amount of time to sell out their FBA inventory. If your gated before the given date (as is happening), open a case showing how you should have until the given date and it may fix the issue.

9) New!!! “The use of any means other than the Feedback Manager to request the removal of feedback—including the use of the Contact Us feature in Seller Central—is prohibited. If you continue to request feedback removal outside of Feedback Manager, it will result in the deactivation of your account.” HT JF

10) A few sellers received emails that they were suspended even though they were not.
Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller.

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