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Complaint by a Competing Seller / Shabbos VS Amazon – Who Wins? / Lego Warning Mistake

February 25, 2021| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All

1️⃣ “However, these units were placed in the Amazon’s holding account for some reason. We will not be able to provide you the exact situation of how these units were placed in the Amazon’s holding account because that information is only available to the warehouse team and is confidential.”

2️⃣ This is the latest SFP Shabbos issue that many are concerned about. I have no more info and we are waiting on Amazon for the next move.

3️⃣ Every Amazon seller is familiar with the importance of having the capital to seize growth opportunities. That’s why Payoneer designed their working capital solution specifically for online sellers. Payoneer’s Capital Advance program offers eSellers up to $750K instantly, a gradual settlement collected from future marketplace receivables, and an attractive, fixed fee for the service. Want to skip the credit checks and learn more about bringing your eCommerce vision to life? Visit Payoneer today and enjoy a special 10% fee rebate on your first offer or for more information contact (Sponsored)

4️⃣ “Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support, I understand your concern regarding your removal orders. Upon researching we see that the reason for cancellation of these orders is because the fulfillment center with the units is unable to process the removal and fulfill it currently. Please send us the FNSKU and amount of each one that you would like to remove, we will request to the fulfillment center to send the units to another location that will be able to complete your request.”

5️⃣ Notice the last line. “If you believe the complaints about the expiration dates on your items are unjustified or received in error, please explain how you identified this issue and we will investigate your concern (for example, a complaint created by a competing Amazon seller).”

6️⃣ This was sent for Lego and other standard items, so it seems like a mistake. “Amazon does not allow the sale of products that promote child exploitation or depict children or characters resembling children in a sexually suggestive manner.”

7️⃣ Many items this week were down for restricted keywords and pesticides issues that were 100% false positives that was likely done by malicious competitors which has recently become rampant and ridiculously unfair for legitimate sellers.

8️⃣ eBay has become more restrictive for sellers with selling limits for bad sellers and suspensions for Vero complaints (eBay’s version of RO). “I will just sell it on eBay” may not work if a brand does not want you to sell their item online.

9️⃣ From a concerned member: Check if your “warehouse / Office ” is set up as commercial (not residential) as it’s a major price difference for incoming shipments. UPS will allow you to get credit for 6 months and they can sometimes get permissions for longer and this can be a large sum of funds if you receive a lot of incoming via UPS , (a seller just noticed that he has been being charged as residential instead of commercial at much higher rates , as it’s up to any driver to mark you as residential or commercial).

Happy Purim-Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 

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