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Buy Box drama / Some Related account issues fixed / Amazon Video explains Fair pricing.

June 18, 2020| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All
1) Many of the false positive related accounts were reinstated with an apology. Some were reinstated after they accepted the explanation. Some are still down.

2) This past week there was a quirk in the BuyBox (BB) in that sellers with the same price did not share the BB unless they went significantly lower in price. Repricers have also reported issues related to the BB (API). On 06/18, perhaps because of an outcry from ASGTG members, the update was reversed.

3) Flieber uses advanced technology and data analytics to improve decision-making and reduce complexity in your e-commerce business. Our platform synchronizes sales velocity, supply-chain operations, and inventory management to help you make the best decisions, from forecasting to inventory. ASGTG Exclusive Discount: Sign up now and get a 20% discount for your 2 first months with Flieber. (Sponsored)

4) Amazon removed the case log from the dashboard when there are no open cases making it difficult to find a past case. Tip: Type in “Case” into the search bar and it pulls up the case log in the results. (JB). There is more info here (

5) Walmart has partnered with Shopify to expand its offerings.

6) “The details for this case are not available because it is older than one year.” There is more info here.(JB)

7) Some PPC ad word accounts were suspended for “abnormal activity”.

8) The brand Truss has been filing many RO complaints.

9) New! “ What’s next? To reactivate your listings, you will need to appeal to each complaint in the Account Health Dashboard. If you have received multiple warnings of IP infringement and you believe you are selling non-infringing products, submit an appeal via Seller Central with the following information: A list of the allegedly infringing ASINs and at least one of the following, as applicable: a. Invoices proving the authenticity of your products (you may remove pricing information); OR b. Amazon order IDs demonstrating product authenticity; OR c. An authorization letter from the rights owner (cannot be a forwarded email); OR d. A court order finding that your product does not infringe the asserted IP, or that the asserted IP is invalid or unenforceable.

10) Amazon released a pretty detailed video on how they define fair pricing and explains why it’s hard to define (multiple states and laws). The rep said they can enforce this rule even for non-essentials, though IMO not likely they ever will.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 

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