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ASGTG Summary: January 12, 2017

January 12, 2017| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

At least 2 sellers have received rights owner complaints for items not sold or listed for a very long time. If it happens to you, reach out to me so I can gauge if this is fluke or system wide issue.

Some sellers have received emails from listing-evaluation-nasd@amazon.com requesting invoices. There was some initial confusion on some forums that this may be a fake email. It is not, as it shows up under performance notifications. E-mail from seller-performance-policy-auto@amazon.com are also very real.

I created a Health & Beauty Group. I feel this is ultra-important as there is no master list of ASINS or (exact) ingredients they are policing. If you get a notification of a restricted item notice, please post it on group so others can delist before Amazon does it.
(email link)

I spoke to Jacob Heinz from Amazingwords:

Site: https://amazingwords.com/sam?BCWN (10% off) email: chatwithus@amazingwords.com

Discussed with Jacob Heinz : what can SAM do for me?

If you need to create professional amazon listings, You can try Chaim “Best Seller Listers” who did it for a few sellers and got positive feedback. (also does A+ content listings) info@bestsellerlisters.com and added to spreadsheet.

Here is a new one from SP. ” We understand that you may not have complied with our Drop Shipping policy. Sellers on Amazon.com are not allowed to use Drop Shipping to fulfill orders without meeting certain requirements, including: Identifying themselves as the seller of record on all packing slips and other information included with the order; Managing all returns and refunds for their orders.”

Rights Owner on keywords. “The rights owner claims that your product description, title, or keywords may infringe their trademark rights. Within 24 hours, please remove the term “XXXXX ” from the product description, title, or keyword search for the items below.If you are unable to make these changes, we will remove the pages. If we receive more complaints about your listings, we may not allow you to sell on Amazon.com.

Kol Mevaser “ED” part of panel discussing Amazon selling. 212-444-1100 after the first ad press 3-4-0-129# (mainly in Yinglish)

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