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SP emails out of Whack / Suspensions for Manipulating Prices/ Vat in Other Countries / Event Videos

March 22, 2018| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All

1) Notifications from seller performance and emails are out of whack. This means you can get suspended, and only receive a notification a day later. Messages then come in backdated. Do not email sp asking, ” Why am I suspended without notice?” Wait for the notice.

2) “It has come to our attention that you have communicated with other sellers in an attempt to manipulate prices. This is a violation of our policies, which require compliance with all laws and prohibits fraudulent conduct. As a result, you may not sell on Funds will not be transferred to you but will stay in your account while we work with you to address this issue. If you have any open orders, please ship them.” Never do this!

3) Returns Worldwide, who was one of our sponsors for our 2018 ASGTG Event, offers a great way to streamline your workload and minimize the drain of returns on your bottom line. They offer receiving, evaluating, rehabbing, processing and reselling returns. Returns Worldwide is geared toward FBA sellers as they will receive returns from FBA and open cases with Amazon. They can be reached at 415.851.0933 (call, txt. Whatsapp). (sponsored)

4) More on UK Vat:

“We reviewed the UK VAT number xxxxxxx that you submitted in Seller Central but we weren’t able to verify that it belongs to your business as the legal name in the VAT registration does not match your Seller Central legal name. We have therefore removed this number from your public seller profile.

Please note that the UK Finance Bill 2018, which is expected to become law in March 2018, requires you to provide a valid UK VAT number if your goods are in the UK at the point of sale:

5) “Though the safety issue has been resolved, please note that we are unable to alter the metrics on your account. The information that you provided will be considered during future reviews of your account.” new!!!

6) If you go to “reports” > Transactions View > filter by refunds and click on the “total” refund amount in the last column, it will show you how much your “Refund Administration Fee” fee was for each return. (HT RB)

7) Vat in other countries: “You have not provided a valid VAT number for your business in Germany and Spain. As a result, you may no longer sell on and You have also been removed from Pan European FBA program. Please ship any open orders.” (Informed sources have told me this has only happened if you were first suspended in UK for no VAT)

8)Employees should not be using their own credit cards for employers accounts. This will cause trouble down the road.

9) Kevin King, the Encyclopedia of Amazon ( who joined our 2018 meetup ) is offering ASGTG members up to $1000 savings on his Freedom Ticket Training. Sign up by messaging or emailing Kevin, (There is no option to enter a coupon code or get a discount on the sign-up page.)
There is also a free webinar on this link that sellers can watch that gives them an idea. There are some valuable tips and tricks in it. ( A few are were shared on stage at our ASGTG event)

10)Videos of the 2018 ASGTG event are ready. There were technical problems with the DropBox links, due to the heavy traffic. We are sending out, to everyone who attended or purchased videos, with YouTube also. If you didn’t attend, you can buy them here. 

Ed Rosenberg, Good Shabbos

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