We will be at Prosper Show from Mar 13 - Mar 14, 2018.

Do meet us there!

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2 days left to upcoming ASGTG event / Order Confirmations/ Adding Items to Vendor Express

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Hello All

1️⃣ Last post before the event Event. eBay Exec Aaron Schneider will also be taking private meetings to discuss your eBay situation though he is just about booked. Looking forward to greeting everyone. Final schedule on sign up page.

Please come on time! 12:00 PM. Going to be a top rate professional event. The largest ASGTG event ever. The new search by email and the daily summary email feature will be available to everyone after event.

2️⃣“Order confirmations” seem to now be accepted as valid invoices. 

3️⃣ “To add items to vendor express you must be a registered brand owner of that item” – Some Vendor Express sellers received this. The Vendor group is a phenomenal resource of Amazon Vendors group. To join the ASGTG Telegram group, fill out the form on this page.

4️⃣This new “My name is Paul, a member of the Amazon Seller Performance team. Jeff Bezos received your email, and I am responding on his behalf. Thank you for the information you have provided. We are currently investigating this matter further and will contact you upon completion of our investigation to notify you of the outcome.” – The actual text is new.

5️⃣Quite a few sellers were suspended from certified refurbished. Not sure what if anything is behind it.

I am sorry for the shortened post.

Hope to see you all on Thursday at the event.

Ed Rosenberg

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