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Glitch in Upgrading Account Dashboard/ Amazon Vetting ROs/ New Toys Locked

November 22, 2018| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All

1) Amazon is working on upgrading the account health dashboard. This past week a glitch caused many old performance notifications long resolved to show up. This caused mass hysteria within the seller’s community. If you see old issues long resolved showing up on the dashboard, I would not be overly concerned as this just seems to be a technical glitch and your account is not at risk.

2) Many US and UK sellers got this notification: “We’re contacting you to let you know that our website inadvertently disclosed your name and email address due to a technical error. The issue has been fixed. This is not a result of anything you have done, and there is no need for you to change your password or take any other action.”

3) SellerChain is developing a new product to help people see what they are spending on storage fees. The tool will give you a nice clean look to be able to see the details on an SKU by SKU basis and how much you are bleeding on the item. Please take a moment to take this survey to help them help you save money.  (sponsored)

4) Amazon has added the Amazon Seller app links on All SP emails. They are trying to enhance the account health dashboard to be more useful and accurate.
“– iOS: 

5) Amazon is more carefully vetting the Ros identity behind the RO complaints
‘We have been unable to verify that you are the rights owner or their agent
“Please resubmit your notice through and provide the following information, in addition to your original submission…
Submitters Title:
Submitters Phone Number:
Available Contact Day and Time:
Rights Owner Contact Name:
Rights Owner phone number:
Rights owner address:
Rights Owner URL:
Rights Owner Title:
Rights Owner Business Address:
Business tax ID: “

Once we receive the information above, we will investigate your notice within 1-2 business days.”

6) Some sellers were informed that Amazon locked adding new Toys N Games till Jan 6 or 2019.

7) There is a new ASGTG Groupon group. Also, the Barter group can be super useful as mentioned previously. Feel free to share with anyone – not just Amazon Sellers. For links to all ASGTG Telegram groups, fill out this form.

8) I will be using this twitter handle to report (unofficial) Amazon Policy Breaking News, Amazon system status / Bugs / updates and enhancements as reported by the sellers community. Please follow for the most up to the second accurate info.

9) Correction. On last weeks post, I incorrectly stated that all inserts requesting a review are against TOS. I updated the post to state that inserts requesting a POSITIVE review, or some kind of payment for a review is what’s prohibited. ASGTG regrets the error.

10) MF / SFP sellers. Amazon will really tighten things up next few weeks if you ship late. Please make sure to adjust your handling time to make certain no mistakes happen or you will be swiftly suspended. The margin of error is less than usual this time of year.

Good Shabbos – Happy Thanksgiving – Ed Rosenberg

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