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Major ASGTG Enhancement / Phone Batteries Safety/ Fake Otterbox/ AsinScout Integrates with Deals Group

February 08, 2018| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All,

1⃣ Major ASGTG enhancement. You can now send an email to a bot that will search all occurrences of a word(s) from the email subject and return relevant results from all groups. This is priceless info, especially when researching if a brand aggressively enforces their IP. Anyone who registers or registered already for the upcoming ASGTG event, on Feb 22, is on the TG group and I have your full contact info will be given access to use this feature. (You can register either as an attendee or video recording). The beta is released. I will email out in the next few days instructions to use.

2⃣ Video with Yakov N. Rosenberg: How to get the results you want.

3⃣ Naftali, from www.efundpro.com, has provided various funding options for sellers in our group. Those in need of funding can call/ WhatsApp 786-489-0582 or email Naftali@efundpro.com for information. Best if you fill out this form prior to calling.  (sponsored)

4⃣ New:

“As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible customer experience, Amazon is implementing safety requirements on mobile phone batteries and chargers.
You are receiving this message because you are currently offering mobile phone batteries or chargers for sale. To continue to offer these products for sale, please submit the required documentation by March 6, 2018″

5⃣ AsinScout has added a B2B deal marketplace, with specific features for ASGTG deals group. Sellers can list/manage their deals in an enhanced and simplified process. Great for people that want to sell merchandise to other sellers for whatever reason. Click here to view and add your deals. You can post links in Deals group and all info
will easily show.   To join the ASGTG Telegram groups, enter your email on this form.

6⃣ Rare. “This product has been identified as a supplement, consumable product, or topical product that makes prohibited disease claims. Products that make disease claims are prohibited from sale and listing on Amazon. For more information…”

7⃣ On recent “used as new” complaints, Amazon has been requesting invoices. They seem slightly more forgiving in accepting invoices than traditional requests for inauthentic complaints or brand approvals.

8⃣ Rare! We’ve been contacted by a customer regarding the order identified below.
Reason: Authenticity of the Item
Details: The customer wants to see the authenticity of the Item. Please contact the customer with the information required. (HT SE)

9⃣ Andrew, S. Ehard / andrewsehard@hotmail.com
Andrew S. Ehard / Andrew.otterbox@yandex.com
These are confirmed fake ROs. The name being used is correct, except those emails are not.

🔟 New! “You have not sent us acceptable documents to reinstate your account”. Interesting they do not say “invoices”, keeping the door open slightly for store receipts.

Ed Rosenberg, Good Shabbos

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