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SPM Logistics (Swift Pack Mcr)

SPM Logistics – Offers a unique service enabling your business in the UK to have a simplified seller experience.
SPM Logistics – Our Service begins at origin – we can collect the goods at origin and track them until their final destination, through the FBA centres or our E-commerce’s service until the goods are safely in the consumer’s hands.
SPM Logistics – Specialise in all Air & Sea freight consignments (big or small).
SPM Logistics – We ship pallets from the tri-state area directly into Amazon FBA Centres in the UK (Fast Premium Service).
SPM Logistics – Large warehouse and storage facilities.
SPM Logistics – Will manage expertly all returns and removals.
SPM Logistics – Fulfilment and FBA Prep Service with our newly customize software (live – order tracking, stock, and invoices) and a fully integrated E-commerce service.
All the above is supplied and cared for by experienced and dedicated staff – in house – prevailing our high standards

  • Location

    United Kingdom

  • Language

    English, Yiddish, Hebrew

  • Contact Person

    Chayim Grossberger

  • Contact Number

    718.521.5239, +44 3300 579 579

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    Warehousing / FBA Prep, Trucking, International / Domestic Shipping

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