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Amazon Compliance Consulting

Baby -Toddler

Child Safety


Brand review


Assistance with testing reports and label evaluation. 

Amazon Suspensions

Intellectual property, review or platform manipulation, inauthentic, ODR, late shipment, linked accts, Drop shipping, all violations, also covering multiple accts. 

Escalations, as well. 


All approvals brand and category issues.

Asin Reinstatement

Safety, labeling, EPA, Used sold as New, Not as Described, and all others.

Special Situations

Lost inventory, Toys and Child safety/CPC issues, EPA/pesticides, Safety, Product Compliance, Brand Review, CSM review, catalog/listing hijacking, and all issues outside of the normal. Your case could be extended or repeated issues based on unstated or published policy, initial request denied and no expected outcome. 

Rebekah Jentsch

Offering all inclusive Account assistance and appeals, category and specialty approval, special circumstances, eBay suspension and MC011, Walmart Suspensions, and all Amazon related violations, policy conflicts, listing and Asin compliance issues: inauthentic, Dangerous Goods/hazmat, MSDS, CPC, Toy safety testing, CSM review, brand or topical reviews and non-visible active listings. Listing hijacking, lost or unaccounted for inventory, labeling, packaging and damaged inventory. Private label approval for baby/toddler, child, toys, topical, perfumes, alcohol based hand sanitizer, EPA and all compliance related problems.

We are happy to evaluate and assist with even the most difficult of cases. 9 years experience.

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    Austin, TX | United States of America

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    Rebekah Jentsch  

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    Marketplace Compliance (Suspensions, ASINS blocked, etc.), Specialty E-Commerce Consultants

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