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PVD Credit

Credit repair is the process of challenging & overturning items from your credit report that negatively impact your score. These item can be anything from late payments to collections to bankruptcies, all of which can bring your score down by upwards of 100 points. Once we’ve submitted a claim to the credit bureau, they are obliged to respond within 30 days, or the negative item is removed from your account.
Benefits of Credit Repair
First and foremost, a good credit score will save you immense amounts of money when making big purchases such as a new car, a home, or a boat. A score that falls within the ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ ranges will offer interest rates significantly lower than ‘fair’ or ‘poor’ scores. While a 1-2% difference may not seem like much, the savings certainly add up after months (or years) of lower payments.

In addition to lower loan rates, you’ll enjoy a slew of benefits that include…
Lower insurance rates
Easier approval on apartment & home rentals
More negotiating power
Access to credit rewards & perks

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