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We customize your packaging materials, such as e-commerce bags bubble wrap bags tape etc.

Pack Plus Printing Inc.

Branded items are an absolute must for all those in retail. It is such a simple, and relatively cheap, way to keep you at the top of your customer’s minds.
You’re selling on Amazon and having trouble getting repeat customers, since there’s very poor customer loyalty. Just because this time the customer chose your listing, next time the same customer could just as easily buy from any other seller on Amazon, and likely will thanks to random algorithms and price manipulation. How could you guarantee or at least up the chance that a first time customer would buy a second time?
Answer: CUSTOM PACKAGING!! We create custom boxes, e-Commerce bags, adhesive tape etc. all branded with your LOGO and most importantly, your website address (barcoded etc.). It makes them relate and connect to your brand, not just the item.
Now, when a customer wants to shop again it’s in his mind already, and checks to see where his first one was from, he has all the information he needs right at his fingertips, and even more importantly he just looks for your brand, and there you have a returning loyal customer.

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