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Helium 10: All-In-One Tool Suite for Amazon Sellers

All-In-One Tool Suite for Amazon Sellers. 
The Helium 10 tool suite comes with a complimentary 8 week course valued at $997 with any Helium 10 Platinum Plan or above that you are able to get the conversions for.

FBA Inventory Recovery Refund Genie, claim all the refunds owed to you in a couple of clicks
Amazon Listings Scribbles (Swiftly create a fully optimized listing), Frankenstein (Most power Amazon Seller word processor)
Amazon Account Monitoring Software Profits (Clearly know your numbers and how they are trending! Also ties in with you Sponsored Advertising), Alerts! (Always know if and when a hijacker has jumped onto your listing so you can deal with it swiftly! Comes with Snap-Shot image listing tracking), Keyword Tracker (Know what your Amazon Product Listing rank is and how it is changing over time for any specific given keyword or phrase).
Reporting Software Cerebro (The most powerful Reverse ASIN Search out there), Magnet (Magnificent keyword research tool with tons of data!),  X-ray Chrome Extension (Monthly sales reports, Review extraction reports, buy box ownership, seller numbers, sellers remaining stock levels & more!)
Research Software BlackBox (A fast, extensive, tailored hot product research tool)
Listing Tools Software Index Checker (Ensure your listing is indexed inside of Amazon for every important keyword and phrase)
Product Reviews SoftwareReview Downloader (Fast and convenient tool within Helium 10’s Chrome Extension, allowing the ultimate analysis of product reviews)
Follow-Up Software for email automation/customer service+satisfaction

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    ASGTG50 - 50% Off The First Month Of Helium 10, ASGTG10 - 10% Off Every Month Helium 10 or Additional 10% Off Yearly Plan

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