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Selling Third Party Accounts

We provide a thorough and detailed sophisticated process that places your business in front of the most strategic acquirers for your company. Our firm stakeholders are career Investment Bankers who represent you in the sale/re-capitilization of your largest asset. 

Global Wired Advisors

Global Wired Advisors is the leading Digital Investment Bank focused on optimizing the business sale process. Having represented 400MM in Enterprise Value in 2021, our approach combines decades of Institutional M&A/Investment Banking experience with online and e-commerce expertise to increase the transactional value of your greatest asset.

Maximizing the value of your company in a business sale is achieved through the full expression of its future potential. Choosing the right representation to provide this vision to the right buyer, means putting your future in focus.

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    Buying/ Selling Amazon Businesses FBA Aggregates, Banks, Capital & Transfers

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