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Forest Leopard International Logistics Co.,Ltd

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The services we can provide are:
1. Procurement: Help customers to source all products from China.
2. Quality inspection: Arrange a third-party quality inspection of the customer’s products, and give the customer an official quality inspection report.
3. Pickup: Help all Chinese importers to pick up goods from suppliers in various cities in China.
4. Labeling: according to the customer’s needs, the designated labels are affixed, such as: Amazon labels, Made in China labels.
5..Transportation: Help Chinese importer customers double customs clearance, DDP or DDU transport goods to the address designated by the customer. (Air, Sea, Rail, Truck, DHL, UPS, etc.)
6.3PL: There are cooperative 3PL warehouses in the United States and Europe, and the price is very suitable.

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