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Cimsuppliers 3PL

Based in the Houston area, we have been providing reliable, flexible, and competitively priced logistics services for the past 7 years to our clients across the globe. With an excellent standing among our fiercely loyal clients across the globe, who give us their trust and confidence, we provide them with exceptionally high-quality services and customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to make your business prosper by providing best-in-class logistical/fulfillment solutions. With a 400%+ increase in customer base in 2021 alone, Cimsuppliers is well-position to be a leader in the logistics industry.

With previous experience in running our own DTC eCommerce businesses, our team knows exactly what our clients need.

Our mission
To foster trust and open communication with our clients.
To help our clients achieve their goals.
To excel in our core competencies.
To make the process of moving your products from your suppliers to your customers frictionless

  • Location

    Texas | United States of America

  • Language

    English, Arabic

  • Contact Person

    Noman Bukhari

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  • Categories

    Warehousing / FBA Prep

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