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Amzpecty is one of the pioneers of online data provision. The team behind Amzpecty before we started selling our own tools, a top 5% Amazon seller globally as well as part of the FBA Pilot Program, Our tool kit is more than just a powerful web extension. For a typical customer our UI standard subscriptions (The Amzpecty Extension works on Chrome or Microsoft Edge) and Amzpecty has absolutely the most accurate data possible on Every Single Amazon site globally outside of Amazon itself. For our API – we allow one public plan w/5000 calls monthly. Above 5000, we install, maintain amd operate Virtual Private Servers for our large Enterprise customers.


UI Version OR VPS (for clients that wish to track over 300 items daily)

* Use Amzpecty Click to check Amazon Seller Quantity Price, Sales Rank, etc. Amzpecty Click Data is ALWAYS live, NEVER Cached. Unlimited uses as long as not automated retrieval.
* View Amazon Product Variations (including all dimensions, thumbnails, Reviews itemized by Parent.Child Relationship – LIVE Data, NOT Cached
* Calculate Amazon Profit (includes bulk uploading of products for calculations of FBA or FBM.
* Take Daily Product Data Snapshots – Items localized just like you’re in the marketplace for ASIN’s you want to crack, just like you’re in the country.
* Add Notes to Seller Central Products
* Localized language on most Amazon site and works on every Amazon Site globally.
* Public Subscriptions include 3 ASINs all the way to daily snapshots of 300 ASINs on any Amazon site in the world. For quantities over 300, everything maintained on an Amzpecty VPS with your own private domain provided by us and Database.

Amzpecty API.

Quite simply the most robust API for Amazon sellers globally, period. 1 call to our server will provide you with almost every data point imaginable. The Amzpecty API includes both our Live data and Variations Module in one API. Our API is fully localized and globalized so if you want to send calls to our systems for products in Japan, UK, USA – ANY Amazon kn the world, no worries. Amzpecty handles it with ease just like your company is reviewing information as if it’s their own backyard.

Full JSoN API with installations on Netsuite, QuickBooks, Sage/Intact, Fishbowl, Shopify & More! Easily of course integrated in any custom system UI you can dream of and some .js written.

All AMZPECTY API data is LIVE when call is made and NEVER CACHED.

To see our full documentation please review here:

Perfect for:

* On line sellers that realize quality of data is EVERYTHING! NO BSR with our API.
* Data Analysts
* Spot Buyers: (Receive file from distributor, liquidation company, manufacturer, etc.) Check channel inventory currently, pricing, rank, etc!
* Manufacturers: Make surr you km2 who’s selling your product online, Check MAP price. Follow Inventory leveled for Your product. find Counterfeiters!
* Data Resellers: Compare Our Data against anyone’s.. You charge what you want, you pay our negotiated fee.
* Distributors: Overstocked? Why lose more money? Channel flooded? Check instantly any product, seller inventory levels. Special or Re-stock?
* Product Research: White kable products? follow ans watch the items you want to watch in your product line against your competitors. Instantly.
* White Label Service – Have your own blog or site that has traffic? Use our back end, provide your service, graphics, etc as if it were your own system!

The scenarios for Amzpecty are endless if you understand data is everything!

Need info on a few or tens’s thousands of products hourly or daily? Hundreds of thousands, millions daily, weekly, monthly data points needed monthly? No problem. We build your VPS, we maintain your VPS.

We offer 24×7 support. Ticketing system or Live Chat.

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