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Amrita Singh

We Do…..

Ø Listing Products using Amazon Seller Central Interface or by using flat files.

Ø Listing Updates like changing categories, browse nodes, adding new variations, etc.

Ø Seller Account Maintenance is an extremely critical part of running a seller account and we know this better than most.

Ø Regular Monitoring of Listings to ensure they are Amazon Compliant and Performing Well.

Ø Inventory Management is a crucial part of any business and we do it very well.

Ø Logistics is not only vital but also very tricky. We ensure that it is done smoothly without overspending.

Ø AGL is now the talk of the sellers’ community, and we know how to operate and use it very effectively.

Ø Shipper Central is a new feather in Amazon Logistics, and we have mastered its operations sooner then most.

Ø We keep Monetary Details of all the orders placed, shipments done, freelancer payments, refunds done, etc.

Ø Regular monitoring of Seller Feedback to ensure that negative feedback is removed or addressed.

Ø Customer Service is by far the most important area of any business, particularly eCommerce. We do very well in handling customer service.

Ø Negotiation is a craft and we have learned this craft with experience, reading books, and by attending so many webinars conducted by the best negotiators in the world.

Ø Improved Packaging is no less important than introducing new products. We have done it for our clients and the business results after that have been incredible.

Ø Inspecting Samples is important and should be done frequently both for new products as well as for the existing ones. It is time-consuming, involves a lot of correspondence, and sometimes even negotiation. We free our clients from all of these.

Ø Product Sourcing is handled by us to help our clients sort out a new product or to simply have more supplier options for the existing products.

Ø Influencer Marketing has now become particularly important to growing any business fast and exponentially. Our team does it in the best way.

Ø Preserving Monthly Business Data is time-consuming more than anything else. We do it on behalf of our clients.

Ø Monitoring Outsourced Tasks is important and sometimes extremely engaging. We do it on behalf of our clients.

Ø Website Maintenance & Manual Fulfillment is handled by our team. All our existing clients have their own websites running parallel with their stores on Amazon. Orders on their need to be monitored or even fulfilled via Amazon. We do all these.

Ø Miscellaneous Tasks cover everything else that we may not have mentioned above. So, when you are hiring us, you are not just hiring virtual assistants to manage your business, but you are also hiring personal assistants who will make your life easier so that you can focus better and grow the business better.

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    Madhya Pradesh | India

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    Amrita Singh

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    Listing Creation / Cataloging, Amazon Store management, Seller Support Done for you Service

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