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Amazing Service

We started our journey in Amazon in 2017 and created from scratch two successful companies and in the last two years we also started ton provide specific services in this area.

We intermediated over 450 seller accounts, done over 150 seller identity verification and over 130 modifications of ownership data. We are very fortunate to collaborate with exceptional partners from the USA, Europe, and China which bring great value to our services.

We offer top services in the Amazon Accounts department that will help you to upgrade your business or make a new shift in the right direction. We are more than excited to start collaborating!
– We sell and buy Seller Accounts
– We do Seller Identity Verification for the Accounts
– We modify the ownership data in the safest and smoothest way

In the last two years
We have managed to get great results with all the clients we have been working with. Staying on top of the multiple changes Amazon put forward lately was highly important for us. We focused on how to level up our efficiency and effectiveness and we are more than pleased with the results.

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