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Suggestion for Related Suspension Reform / Growing Petition / Account Assurance Overrated

October 19, 2023| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello all

1️⃣ There was a batch of INFORM act suspensions. If they are allowing you to resubmit then you can get back. If they do not allow you its very difficult to get reinstated so please try to put in correct and complete info from the beginning; ASGTG24 preparation is in full preparation mode Jan 10/11. Early bird  pricing ends soon.

2️⃣ Please sign and share  this petition to persuade Amazon to deal transparently with misguided “unsuitable goods” suspensions. There has been very little progress on this front.

3️⃣ Do you have occasional warehousing and fulfillment needs but don’t want to sign long-term contracts or be bound by monthly minimums? Maybe you need a place to temporarily send FBA removals? Or perhaps you have a special fulfillment project which requires a customized solution? “Ultimate Fulfillment Solutions” can help! As an active Amazon seller, we can leverage our existing capacity and Amazon expertise to help you. Contact Shaul Edelman today at or call/text 973-955-8785 to learn more.” (Sponsored).

4️⃣ “The Holiday Peak Fulfillment Fee for FBA (excluding apparel) will apply from October 15, 2023 through January 14, 2024. On January 15, 2024, fulfillment fees will revert back to the non-peak period rates.”.

5️⃣ “We realize that this is a very difficult situation. But don’t worry, we shall help you with the best possible resolution..”

6️⃣ Some long term ASGTG sellers have bemoaned that SAS Amazon reps “are getting worse daily.

7️⃣ There are quite a few misguided related account suspensions that are the result of a outdated bad process. Here are some suggestions for Amazon

8️⃣ Some complaints this week regarding incorrect pesticides listing for ASINS.

9️⃣ The Amazon twitter  handle had an imposter this week but they were quickly removed after ASGTG notified the suits.

🔟 To me, the Account Health Assurance seems like a false sense of security and has so far not lived up to its hype.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 

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