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Stop any variation abuse/ Feedback removal much stricter/ eBay& Walmart reps at event.

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Hello All
1) New!!! “ Hello from Amazon, We are writing to let you know that the following detail pages have been removed from our catalog: ASIN: (Redacted), SKU: (Redacted), Title: (Redacted) This product has been identified as a product that represents a potential trademark infringement. At this time, this product is prohibited from listing or sale on”

2) Once the holiday season ends, please make sure to do accurate inventory reimbursement and reconciliation as some fees you only have 90 days (it varies). Please NEVER seek reimbursements of a shipment if you short shipped to FBA or you will be risking your account. Amazon is VERY capable of determining this.

3) There is no question that seller feedback removal has gotten much harder and stricter for everyone. Amazon only wants you to request removal via feedback manager and not any other way. If it gets denied, do not keep opening cases asking why. It likely is best just to move on as it’s the same for all sellers.

4) A seller received the following email from Seller Relations clarifying the communication guidelines

5) Dear Selling Partner, Amazon is continuously working to improve the customer buying experience and maintain consistency across product detail pages for all sellers on Amazon. Starting January 15, 2020, we are changing the number of attributes required to list certain product types. As part of these changes, we will ask for additional compliance-related attributes to ensure the safety of products sold through You are receiving this email because you have products listed in the Luggage category, and we want to provide you the opportunity to update your listings in this category prior to January 15. If you have not updated your listings by this date, you will be prompted to provide the additional required fields when editing your product via Seller Central and will be unable to save changes until all fields are provided. This will not impact the availability of your listing. Starting January 15, 2020, the following attributes will be required: Are batteries required? (batteries required)

6) “We are unable to reactivate your account because you have not addressed the Performance Notifications in your related accounts.”

7) If you purposely list against bad variation listings, even if you did not create the listings, that’s a violation and can also be a code of conduct suspension which is a nice way of saying you likely won’t get back and there is nothing anyone can do.

8) eBay & Walmart are both sending Senior execs to the event and will be taking appointments to discuss your eBay / Walmart issues/situations. I will post calendars in the coming weeks.

9) Petition results? “Hello, Thank you for your report of infringement. We cannot take action on your report for the reasons listed below. We have determined that the notices you have reported to Amazon are invalid and/or inaccurate. Reporting false, misleading, or consistently inaccurate notices of infringement violate our policies.”

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 

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