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Steady progress on RO issue / Photos of items for some approvals / Request a review within dashboard.

November 14, 2019| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All
1) There has been major progress with many reinstatements and clear evidence that major serious reform and relief may finally be coming from Amazon on the RO issue. We are making one final push with the petition which is going viral. Please, everyone, participate in the below but please remember to be ultra-respectful to Amazon or it will be counterproductive and hurt the cause. The goal is collaboration and communication in a polite manner with respect and deserved admiration for Amazon. At 5:00 PM Eastern on Thursday

• Please update your WhatsApp status to “Urgent, please help Amazon Sellers Sign 
• We are making a worldwide seller engagement POD on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and, Instagram. Please post your thoughts on how Amazon should not just accept a few unsubstantiated claims as FACT and then destroy a long-time established business with multiple employees. Use #shutTheAsinNotTheSeller and #workWithUsAmazon. Tag other Amazon Sellers also engaged. Then, using the hashtags, engage by liking, commenting and sharing each other’s posts.
Here is the 7000+ update. Please sign if you didn’t yet as I am hoping for a major surge.

2) Rare: You have had inappropriate or unprofessional contacts with members of the Amazon.com community. This is against our policies. As a result, you may no longer sell on Amazon.com, and your listings have been removed from our site.

3) Cahoot is a peer-to-peer network where top-rated FBM sellers collaborate to increase their sales profitably, by offering Nationwide SFP (Seller-Fulfilled-Prime) at the price of Ground Shipping or less. What I like the most is that this program is 100% savings based on No Out-of-Pocket costs. They’ll even waive their share of the savings if you sign up before Nov. 22 – click here to learn more or apply (sponsored).

4) Thank you for submitting your plan of action. We reviewed your appeal and determined that the corrective action items you have listed have not been implemented. Please make sure all corrective actions have been completed to be following your plan of action:

5) Not seen for a while “You have attempted to bypass our review process by opening a new account. This is against our policies. As a result, you may no longer use this account sell on Amazon.com, and your listings have been removed from our site.”

6) Top Offender Duplicate? “- Greater detail on the root cause(s) of the PDP Tampering & Top Offender Duplicate
— Greater detail on the actions you have taken to resolve PDP Tampering & Top Offender
Duplicate issues.
— Greater detail on the steps you have taken to prevent PDP Tampering & Top Offender
Duplicate going forward.”

7) New for…Brand approval!!! New requirements “• Include a live photo of the product you are trying to sell, rather than a computer-generated version.”

8) The event preparation is in full gear and looking forward to seeing everyone, especially those involved in recent drama Jan 15th in the same zip code as the #1 zip code for Amazon Sellers.

9) Amazon seems to be toying with the idea of adding a “request a review” feature within the Amazon dashboard. It’s showing up for some sellers and then disappearing.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 

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