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SFP on the brink? / Washington NFL confusion / Listing Violations Fixes.

July 30, 2020| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All

1) This SFP  link is broken which may (or may not) mean Amazon is getting ready to change or end the program.

2) “Washington NFL confusion”. SP knocked off (mistakenly) some Seahawks and other NFL teams items “ With the announcement from the Washington team and the NFL, we are removing products with the team’s name and logo from our stores.” Just explain that only the Redskins was the issue and not the team in the state of Washington.

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4) New! “We have received your appeal and are reviewing the information you provided for XXXXXXXX. We will send you an email when we have reached a decision.” And “We reviewed your explanation and reactivated your account.”

5) Major change according to the announcement on listing violations which is a big positive. “You can fix the product information to remove the disallowed text through the edit link in MYI or via bulk update with feeds. Once the listing is corrected, your listing will be automatically reinstated within 24 hours and the ASIN will be active.”

6) LAX issues “There is an embargo against LAX freight now. There is a lot of congestion preventing them from being able to handle timely”.

7) From a concerned ASGTG member “Amazon started giving reduced reimbursements, calculating based on the last 12 months instead of 3 months. Which causes a reduced reimbursement since prices went up a lot because of the coronavirus “.

8) New! “We have removed ASINs that can be found in the Suspected Intellectual Property Violations tab of your Account Health, under the Reason “Potential Trademark Text Misuse” and “If you are the brand owner, provide a copy of the brand registration certificate, and a business license or personal identity card.”

9) Multiple Mods on the forums said the BB issue discussed is not a glitch and is working as designed. On Wednesday, many items only had the BB item with no option to buy from anyone else. Only 1 seller per listing.

10) “The USPS has reported to our team at Buy Shipping that your company, “Company” on Amazon, has improperly used Cubic pricing by listing incorrect dimensions on Seller Central when you purchased the label from order 114-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx. Please ensure you are complying with the carrier’s rules and regulations, and that you are giving accurate and honest dimensions when buying shipping or we will have to suspend your access to USPS shipping on our platform.”

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 

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