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Prevent Suspensions

With our Amazon Account Audit

Account Audit to Prevent Suspensions

This service includes all of the following to prevent suspension:

  1. Teaching you what action is needed on any notification in your account 
  2. Assisting you in removing bad feedback to improve your feedback score
  3. Auditing key Amazon metrics to point out underlying issues
  4. Discussing ways to optimize account health and prevent warnings
  5. Analyzing key stats to uncover existing or potential problems
  6. Offering advice on making the best day-to-day business decisions
  7. 30-minute phone call with Ed to discuss the audit conclusions

ASGTG/ Effyzaz Inc terms of services.

Account Audit

NEW! Monthly Retainer

ASGTG team as your in-house team to appeal your account health issues including ASIN issues and RO complaints. Pay a flat fee per month and keep us on retainer

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NEW! Amazon Listing Creation

We are excited to launch our new service of full Amazon listing creation for your product!

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Account Suspension Recovery

Suspended? Ed’s extensive knowledge of Amazon and proven high success rate will have your account reinstated ASAP.


Blocked ASIN Recovery

Ignoring an Amazon ASIN restriction notification can lead to further consequences from Amazon. Let’s avoid that.

Relist Blocked ASIN

FBA Inventory Reconciliation

Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds thoroughly and accurately. Only very accurate and solid cases opened.

Reconcile Inventory

Rights Owner Complaints

Even most established Amazon sellers can be jeopardized by just one Owner Right complaint. We’ll make sure this won’t happen.

Fight RO Complaints

Walmart/ JET/ EBAY/ PayPal Suspensions

Contact Ed to Work on Having it Reinstated!

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Approval Consulting Service

Need Approvals (Catagory, sub cat, brand, asin, etc)? We Can Assist You! We will help you prepare and help you submit the documentation for approvals.

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Account Health Clean-ups/ Shipping Abilities Suspension/ Other Amazon help

Account Health Clean-ups/Amazon Lending/ Merchant Fulfilled /Shipping Abilities Suspension/ Other Amazon help

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  • scheudle

  • Daniella Baider Berkson
    Ed runs this group with honesty, integrity, and expertise.
    Daniel Shnaider
    Ed is the best out there.
    Daniel Refaelovitz
    Unfortunately I had one of the most complicated suspension on a huge account.

    During this long process I was introduced to Ed. He’s knowledge & approach was UNREAL. A true magician!!!! Amazing follow up skills and solid updates/ feedback through the entire process.

    We became friends for life. A true gentleman!

    Can’t recommend enough
    Elie Baum
    ASGTG really changed the Amazon Selling game. Especially Ed Rosenberg who is a truly a gentleman and is a blessing to the Amazon community and the entire world
    Tatty Cee
    Super job! They know their stuff! Highly recommended!
    Tuvia Rotberg
    Ed is a legend and amazingly accessible.
    Michael Fleming
    Ed Rosenberg is great to work with, and it was an honor to be a part of this event. We enjoyed meeting the attendees and look forward to ASGTG events in the future!
    Dan Halperin
    Great results each time we use ASGTG services
    Atara Mauskopf
    Very informative group! Ed provides breaking news at lightening speed and responds immediately to all questions. Thank you
    Pearl Ausch
    I send all my clients with seller performance issues to Ed Rosenberg. He’s the utmost gentleman and gets the job done every single time. Every seller needs to know Ed’s name so he can save the day when needed. Dr Ed your awesome - keep doing your great work.
    Steve Schmidt
    Ed is 100% the only person I'd use for Amazon Seller suspensions. Used many others before meeting Ed. Most knowledgeable and professional Amazon consultant out there.
    Usher Parnes
    Was the best amazon event I have ever been by. It was informative and had real content and the food was off the charts.
    Adina Reisman
    Great group!
    Omer Riaz
    It's great event to network and learn about updates on Amazon.
    Maier Borenstein
    Thank you guys so much for saving my business! My whole cash flow was tied up into my private label product that became suppressed due to an attack from a competitor. Your team worked endlessly to get my asin reinstated. They where available for emails literally all day, night and weekends. Knowing I can always count on you allows me to invest heavily in my amazon business without fear of losing my whole business for one complaint. Thank you for working tirelessly and all the extra questions you always are willing to answer. Your refund service is also outstanding and saved me 10k in refunds ! Thank you so much to your whole team.
    Mendy Boyarsky
    They were very helpful
    Ray Berman
    I find this group to be super informative for all Amazon sellers! The caliber of expertise of the members in the group is very high.

    The groups are run very professionally. I highly recommend that anyone who is serious about selling on Amazon join the group.

    Huge shout out Ed Rosenberg for arranging and moderating the group. He is an awesome guy and always a pleasure to work with!
    Raphael Badouch
    Ed is always available to answer any questions and has been very helpful in my business
    Jessie Liu
    😀Have a see.
    Lev Ivanov
    The amount of Time & CARE they put into us is unbelievable. Not only did he get us back on , (probably the most complex case ever), but throughout the process he gave us hope, encouragement and successfully got us reinstated. Incredible thought process & strategies. He believed in us as a company and personally. This is a professional group , honest and dedicated to the success of all sellers. Whether big or small. Ed & his team are just amazing. Extremely informative and helpful in every aspect of selling / maintaining a great reputation on Amazon. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
    Shawn Tavakoli
    saved my ass
    Yaniv Yosef
    Awesome service! Ed got me back on track!
    Brian Semling
    Amazon service and great help!
    Joshua Hudson
    They got my main ASIN unsuspended very quickly. Totally saved my business!
    Naftali Shaul
    Dr. Ed Rosenberg always gets the job done..!!
    Barry Lampert
    This is THE place for all your up-to-date Amazon news, information and questions. Highly recommended to anyone selling online from the newbie to the long-time seller.
    Maximiliano Abreu
    Hands down the best suspension prevention team
    Matt Pritchett
    Very professional and super helpful. Some of the best information you can find when it comes to Amazon issues.
    Eli Wechsler
    Recently had some issues with one of our accounts.
    We ended up being suspended.
    I contacted Ed, got a solid POA in less than 12 hours and got it reinstated!!!
    Ed is the guy to go to and I can attest is that his Amazon knowledge is bigger than you can imagine, he is just humble...
    Sam Davies
    Outstanding service that I would highly recommend. Quick responses and very knowledgeable team that flat out gets the job done.
    Eddie Esses
    Everything everyone says in their reviews is spot on. They are true professionals. They understood the urgency of the situation completely and were quick to respond to every email even during non-typical hours. They also knew exactly what they were doing when it came to putting together the best possible plan of action. Not surprisingly, it worked like a charm and very quickly. Can't thank you guys enough
    Jacob Schwartz
    Exactly what you had written, you are truly amazed by our efficient, well-versed service
    Gavriel Newhouse
    Every speech has amazing content. The networking is unparalleled. We’ve been going for four years, and every year we walk away with new connections worth thousands in financial savings.
    Continental Sales
    I can't say enough about the support we received from Ed and Dena during our first challenging time with Amazon. Their work, response time, and communication were all excellent!
    Franklin Fala
    AMZN hands on help! To anyone using ASGTG You are in great hands!
    Chaim Kay
    Great Service all around .Saved us several times.
    Eli Haltovsky
    Any questions you have Ed’s the go to guy he is very knowledgeable and is always there to help
    Bogdan Chertes
    ASGTG helped us reinstate an account for one of our clients in no time! They were very prompt and professional.
    Adi Peretz
    WOW!!!!! Not sure even where to start.......

    Waking up to the worst nightmare for any Amazon seller, "Your selling privileges have been removed."

    Thinking to myself what now???? Being a single mom and knowing this Amazon business is my only income and wondering how can I provide for my child now??? And then I remembered that I met a gentleman in the last Amazon sellers Boost that said his business is providing services to Amazon sellers such as, helping them with reinstating their Amazon accounts, ASGTG – Amazon Sellers Group TG.

    First things first, I sent them an email, and within the hour I received a call from the company taking all the necessary... information in order to start the process!

    Let me tell you that the odds were against me... BUT Ed and his team brainstormed and started working to help me reinstate my account.

    The process was long and exhausting but through the entire process Ed was always communicating and giving me the confidence that he and his team were doing their best to solve the matter. And they did!

    I finally received the email we were all waiting for:"Your Seller Account has been reinstated"

    Dear Ed and ASGTS team, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so dedicated, and providing the TOP service anyone can give.

    I will definitely use your other services now that I know how GOOD you are at what you do.

    Thank you for everything you have done!!!!!

    read more
    Mike Mak
    Ed Rosenberg and his group is simply amazing. My account was suspended about 6 months ago and I have been beating my head trying to get reinstated. No matter what I did I kept getting the same replies as either my POA wasn't complete or I was denied. I even had someone write a POA for me which ended up not helping.

    After talking to a friend who also sells online he recommended I try finding an expert to help me. He referred me to another "expert" who seemed to know what they were doing and she asked me to wait a few days while they see if they can help my account. So I waited and stumbled upon Ed's group and asked if he could help me... we communicated with the details of my... case and he formulated a plan to have our account reinstated.. within 24 hours I received a VERY detailed POA which I submitted. Within 2 hours my account was reinstated.. it was absolutely incredible how fast it was restored.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ED Rosenberg!read more
    Yossi Nathanson
    Ed is extremely knowledgeable and up to date on Amazon's policies and loves to pass on this knowledge to this group.
    Adam Starke
    Very professional, source of all great connections e-commerce related!
    Yossi Leitman
    no matter what time of the day ,ed will find time for you. I dont know where I would be with out him
    Jamie James
    Been 3 hard weeks going nowhere with Amazon suspension and Within no time Ed & his team had my listing back up.
    Can't recommend your services enough, thank you for all your support and help 😄
    Rami Avnimelech
    The most professional service when your account is in trouble.
    Ornella Bensabat Wolhendler
    Fanatastic group. Very informative
    Jason Monroe
    Excellent service, friendly staff, and very responsive!
    Kashif Irfan
    What a great experience. Ed and his team did an amazing job. Great client-centric approach and good value for money. Do not be fooled by some of those so-called "Amazon gurus" out there and get Ed (only Ed) involved early!
    Stephen Roney
    Helped get my account reinstated! Would highly recommend Ed and his team.
    Yaakov Lieberman
    Ed is amazing!!! When my account was suspended I didn’t have who to turn to, I felt lost in the world. Ed reached out his hand and help me throughout the process like a father would do for his son.
    Moshe Solomon
    Ed's group is a "game changer" live updates and solid "honest" helpful information.
    Faigy Neuman
    Ed Rosenberg has helped me several times in the past, his service and honesty is unlike any other in this industry. I also enjoy the ASGTG events immensely. It's great to network with other sellers and the speeches are interesting and very informative. What I love most is being up to date with new vendors every year and the products/ services they offer that are very helpful to an amazon business. Thank you Ed for putting it all together!
    Yael Cabilly
    I’d like to put in a good word for my good friend, Ed Rosenberg. Ed and his team are true professionals, with amazing results.
    But above all, Ed is a true mensch. He truly cares about this community and serves as a binding force that brings Amazon sellers together from different parts of the world.
    Ed is a fountain of knowledge. His nonstop contribution to the Amazon seller community is beyond measure. Thank you for all you do Ed, and for your continued efforts to educate this community on leading Amazon trends and ever changing policies.
    Jay AD
    Great work done, great team!
    Izzy Benoliel
    Ed knows his stuff. If you need help with Amazon you just found it!
    Paul Maynard
    My account was suspended for reason known only to Amazon. Further documentation provided by myself was meet by Amazons “wall of silence” but once I took on Ed’s services we got a word in the right ear and all was corrected.
    Jeff Wendland
    The best info you will find on FB regarding all things amazon in terms of performance.
    Mark San
    If you need help with Amazon, and someone who knows the ins and out's of how it works, contact ASGTG. Ed is reliable and his reputation proceeds him.

    We have used him on many occasions and were always happy with the results.

    Reliable, friendly and efficient. Enough said
    Michael Barnhill
    Ed really knows his stuff!
    Scott Margolius
    Ed is one of a small handful of Amazon service providers you can depend on to steer you in the right direction and shoot straight with you.
    Cassie Stein
    I sell designer products, and I am constantly dealing with seller performance, ASIN take downs and account suspensions. I can confidently say that there is no one like Ed Rosenberg. He knows the ins and outs of EVERY aspect on Amazon. If you are suspended, having seller issues or want a consultants advise- I would advise you go straight to Ed. I've used multiple other "gurus" in the industry and NO ONE comes close to Ed. He walks you through every step of the way, until you get reinstated. Thank you Ed for all you help!
    Tilden Cooper
    I must say that Ed from ASGTG is the best online source you can find for your Amazon business. I had my account hacked about 3 months back, and needless to say, I lost all my inventory and several 1000s of dollars.

    I reached out to Amazon and created cases with all the details, and called them almost every day for the past 3 months- but got nowhere. I tried every trick- escalated my case, talked to captive teams, spent hours on the phone, shared all my logs and details, filed online police complaints, met with the local police, reached out to other lawyers only to be told that costs are high and chances of getting my good or money is low...the list is endless. However, I luckily... stumbled upon this Facebook group, and posted my story here, and got in touch with Ed. We talked, exchanged a few messages, and he was very assuring. 2 weeks later, I was reimbursed for all the losses!!! I highly recommend this group- by far the best experience I have had. No fees, nothing in return, no subscriptions- just good help and advice. I really am very appreciative of Ed and this group. THANK YOU for all your support and more
    Yitzy Rothman
    Always 5 Star. They do their best on what they promise.
    Yakov Heller
    What an amazing group and event!! I have been there for the last few years and I highly recommend it!!
    Hannah Giro
    I only had a pleasant experience working with Ed! Ed has a vast knowledge in Selling on Amazon. He has phenomenal seller network that is always ready to share valueable information. Ed is most known for reinstating Sellers account on Amazon. I know many Sellers that have benefited tremendously from his work.
    Ariel Moghadam
    They get the job done in a timely manner. Great customer service and support.
    Joe Lanzar
    Ed worked very hard to get us reopened and was always available plus he proved to amazon that its not our fault ! Great Job!!!
    Ezra Rubanowitz
    This group may be the single most helpful resource for any Amazon seller. Sellers share and discuss everything Amazon and Ecommerce related daily. Makes it easy to stay on top of the latest changes. Ed has singlehandedly helped thousands of sellers through this group!
    Jessica Green
    Ed provided very fast responses, and it worked! We were reinstated in 4 business days after submitting the initial plan of action.
    Moshe Schwartz
    Ed is a lifesaver. He allows me to sleep at night!
    Gary Ullrich
    Just want to give a huge thanks to Ed and his team, esp Riza for an amazing job helping me get my account back. Was suspended in October for inauthentic RA items that I had not sufficiently documented and struggled for 3 months trying in vain to get anything other than blanket response from amazon.

    Ed and his team were exceptionally involved and have worked with me non-stop for the last 3 months to finally get this resolved. My account is back, my lessons are learned and I'm ready to get moving again. Thank you so much!
    Tyson Zahner
    Ed is the best. Contacted him about an IP suspension and he jumped on it immediately. This gentleman is on his game when it comes to Amazon and is a wealth of knowledge. His patience and help was unparalleled. If you need help with your account, look no further. He will be my first call if I need help again.
    Steven Fishoff
    Ed is really amazing at what he does, we would not have our account active without him, he's very honest, accessible and a pleasure to deal with.. Thanks ED
    Daniel Samimi
    its a great place to network and meet new people! Food was awesome and speeches were very educational-looking forward to next year
    Masud Royel
    i nee amazon reviewer seller
    Igor Zomin
    Ed is great to work with. Very quick replies to emails and answers all questions. He does not give up until task is completed.
    Moshe Paneth
    This group has the most valuable information for Amazon seller'sthe first one.
    Ed is a very special person who simple wants to help other sellers succeed.
    Bernie Thompson
    Nobody has more of an impact than Ed and this group for 1) Pushing Amazon to do better 2) Educating sellers
    Sal Jemal
    No words to explain how taligent Ed is. 5 stars!!!
    Mendy Shaindy Karczag
    Ed Rosenberg is extremely helpful for every Amazon Seller. His knowledge and support is unbelievable.
    Garland Sullivan
    Yes, forever grateful for Ed and his services! By far one of the best services within the Amazon Space!
    Aryan Amid
    Ed has created a community where sellers for the first time can turn to for a group involvement, discussion, and help. Ed has dedicated much of his personal time gratuitously and advocates for sellers all the time, and as an attorney focusing on Amazon related issues, I can't emphasize the value that Ed has brought to online sellers. A big thank you to Ed for being transparent, genuine, and bringing this group together for a common goal.
    Abdurrahman Raja
    Ed is one of the most knowledgeable people regarding Amazon and always stays current on topics related to Amazon or selling on Amazon.

    He is sincere and always gives 100% trying to help others and if he can't help, he can always point you in the right direction.

    Solid advice always.
    Aimee Power
    Ed ROCKS!!! He is very helpful and definitely the person to turn to when in a jam!! He knows his way around Amazon!! Thanks again Ed!!
    Shlomo Klein
    Ed is a true professional. He knows amazon inside and out! He is extremely knowledgeable and helped me several times! I can't recommend him highly enough! Thank you!
    Andre Del Rio Ibarra
    They have a lot of knowledge, fast respond, very good job and very helpful.
    They got me out of 2 suspension in less than 3 days.
    Helaine Kaskel
    Excellent up-to-the-minute information about Amazon seller events, changes, compliance, and trends. Weekly executive summary with highlights of above. No sales pitches or ads. Outstanding Amazon reinstatement consulting and consulting on every aspect of FBA. Ed Rosenberg is an absolute expert on all things FBA. The group attracts intelligent and substantive members who conduct meaningful dialogue to help your FBA business grow.
    JM Mariano
    Great way to connect with like-minded amazon sellers!
    Best Deals
    Ed is the best, and helps thousands of people! His goodness and genuine desire to help others is a tremendous lesson for all.
    Eric Posnack
    Ed was great in getting my product reinstated. It took quite a few appeals, and Ed was responsive each time, took the time to write and rewrite our responses, and answered all of my questions. He seems to have a real feel and knack for how the Amazon appeal process works. If I ever have to do another appeal, I'll use Ed right away.
    Viet Luu
    As long time seller I was dealing with an ASIN suspension. 4 tries on my own with no success. Reached out to Ed and his team and they helped me right away and we got it reinstated in 2 days with one try only. Ed’s experience is very valuable. Get yourself a peace of mind knowing you are in the right hands.
    Ari Kaufman
    We had one of our best selling listings closed by Amazon without much of an explanation. We tried for reinstatement for about 2 months without getting anywhere. We have been referred to ASGTG and they have been extremely helpful and ultimately our listing has been reinstated. I would highlight the service as Professional and attention to detail. Thank you!
    Chefoh Chefoh
    ASTG, founded by Ed Rosenberg, is a phenomenal group of amazing Amazon sellers helping each each other navigate the complexities of selling on Amazon within TOS. Hat's off to Ed for a job well done! Ed, keep your posts and emails coming, always good insight and amazing tips!
    Deborah Roberts
    Ed Rosenberg and Dena are amazing. They are really fast to turn around emails and questions whenever they can. I know I can trust what Ed recommends and I like that he works to improve situations for both Sellers and Amazon. I have referred others to Ed when they needed his help and feel very confident doing so that he can help them and will do the best he can.
    Cindy Moore
    Questions / Issues that would take many month to figure out, are now resolved in minutes!
    Nathan Hirsch
    Love working with Ed. I recommend him to all my clients.
    Orgad Hayak
    Always kind and helpful
    Good luck :)
    Ezra Avidan
    Hershel Spalter
    No words can describe how thankful we are to you Guys! They did not give up and always there to answer question till the very end! And as we all know here that they get the job done!
    Yeedlee Einhorn
    Opened my account in 2 days..They are the best!!!
    Yeedlee Einhorn
    Zach Kalatsky
    We had a false RO complaint on our account and after numerous tries, ed stuck it out and got it removed for us!
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