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Misuse of ratings / Face mask warning /new requirements for formula – milk.

February 06, 2020| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All
1) Some sellers received a warning regarding “Misuse of Ratings, Feedback or Reviews”, “Misuse of Sales Rank”, “Misuse of Search and Browse.” If you did none of this, check if someone is placing high qty orders for your items and then canceling. If yes, email SP and show them you’re being unfairly accused.

2) Please make sure any face masks you sell are up to code, legal to sell and not expired as SP will be watching very carefully. “this product has been identified as a face mask that makes unapproved medical marketing claims. Products that make medical marketing claims may not be legally marketed in the U.S. without prior review and approval by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).”

3) Please make sure to do an accurate reconciliation for fee reimbursements. Now is a good time to reconcile the last two seasons (18 months back), and the last season for fees overcharges (including the higher storage fees charged at that time) as they are limited to a 90 days claim period. We have quite an accurate and detailed process for inventory and fee reconciliation with ultra-clean cases (constantly adjusting to Amazon’s changes) see details. (Sponsored)

4) Some sellers are receiving this forged invoice suspensions. Notice the last 2 bullet points. “How do I reactivate my account? To reactivate your selling account, please send us one of the following:
— An explanation that justifies why you provided documentation that appears to be forged or manipulated.
— Evidence that demonstrates that the documents you provided are not forged or manipulated
— Greater detail on the type of items you wish to sell on Amazon in the future.
— Greater detail on your sourcing methods.”

5) New from the notice team! “RE: CASE XXXXXXXX Your Amazon.com Inquiry Hello, we have received your submission and are reviewing it now. Thank you, Case id: XXXXXXXX.”

6) Not new but rare “As part of our ongoing efforts to provide great customer experience, we are implementing additional restrictions for certain popular textbooks. What does this mean for me? Based on various performance metrics, effective immediately you will no longer be able to sell certain popular textbooks and your listings for these products have been removed.

7) SP is occasionally saying WHAT is copyright. See below. “We may restore this content if the rights owner who reported this infringement contacts notice-dispute@amazon.com to retract the claim. The rights owner’s contact information can be found below.
Learn more about this policy in Seller Central Help…

8) If inventory is held for inauthentic, you can try deleting the listing and send in a POA asking SP to release the hold since your not selling “We reviewed the information you provided. You may remove these items from the Fulfillment Center:”

9) Both Deals groups in TG  are bustling with deals as there have been a few major enhancements

a) Bot posting which makes the deal much easier to read and understand. b) A section to VET the deal with other sellers. c) An optional Escrow service so buyers are safe. d) Feedback on the Seller / Dealer.

Distressed Goods 

You can receive a daily e-mail summary of the deals here.

10)New! “As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible customer experience, we are implementing additional requirements for infant formula and toddler milk offers.”.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 

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