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Lots of Hijacking / More On SKINCEUTICALS Gating / Inventory Surcharge CHINESE

July 28, 2022| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello all

1️⃣ Amazon is rejecting BR applications based on poor account health or “abusive conduct”. I think the “abusive conduct” verbiage is overstating the issue & it can be something as small as an associated account in another marketplace suspended for an invalid credit card; There have been dozens of reports of brand and ASIN hijacking this past week.

2️⃣ Household and health and beauty category keep launching new sellers with crazy names & prices drop shipping or something that is not right. The suits have been slow correcting.

3️⃣ I’m excited to announce that our reconciliation is now exclusively partnering with RIGHTFULLY. Utilizing their expertise, service & technology to take our recon division to greater heights. Their revolutionary portal means you’re in full control, all the time. Easily choose things like frequency, cases per day, case types, exclusions, and more. Collaborate, view, and manage inbound cases throughout the entire process, manage your dimensions and more. Click Here. (sponsored)

4️⃣ Some sellers in .UK have complained about sudden ID verification and suspended with an aged account; Some new sellers have complained about identity verification video not calling at the scheduled time.

5️⃣ There is an interesting backstory on why SP gated SKINCEUTICALS in the comments of this post. Unsure it’s accurate, but this came from the upper suits. Some sellers were gated from SKINCEUTICALS without any emails, so SP shut this down.

6️⃣ Hello XXXXX, This is XXXXX, with Amazon Account Health Support. Thank you for speaking with me regarding your Selling Account. As discussed, I understand you needed assistance with input information on why the seller called or blurb. I am glad I was able to help you regarding appeal status.”

7️⃣ “The images you provided, are not real-world images of the product and/or packaging, or we cannot see the branding clearly (ex. images are computer generated, marketing quality, or digitally altered). Additionally, we believe these products to be generic because other Brand strings have provided the same product and or packaging images. The branding or other identifying mark that appears on the product or its packaging must be distinguishable from similar products that do not belong to that brand.”

8️⃣ Amazon finally fixed the “Handmade issue” on all templates (HT Amazon).

9️⃣ SP told a seller, “We are unable to remove the policy violation record for this ASIN from your Account Health page.” but then, 5 minutes later changed their minds and said, “We removed listing restrictions and the Account Health policy violation record for the following content.”

🔟 Upcoming aged inventory surcharge assessment emails are being sent in Chinese.

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 

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