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Hazmat Flameout / Funds Wrongly Disbursed / Fair Pricing Quirk on AH

April 08, 2021| Posted by : admin| 2 Comments

Hello All

1️⃣ Over Passover (last 2 weeks) a few accounts that I am aware were hacked with the funds disbursed to the hacker. The Seller gets an email in Chinese or Korean that “as per your request your bank account was changed” but may not notice the strange email. The email Amazon gives if it was not you requesting the change bounces back and is invalid (Please open a clear and neat case and often the funds are returned). Please make sure your last 2 weeks funds were correctly disbursed and be extra vigilant from phishing scams. Inbound Delays: ABE8 (US), BHX3 (UK). Early Bird ends Monday #ASGTG21.

2️⃣ “Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support, we require proof of relation between the Brand & UPC/EAN Owner because we were not able to establish any affiliation among them. We would require a proof stating that the Brand (XXXXX) is affiliated with the UPC/EAN Owner XXX Brands LLC.”

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4️⃣ If your supplier sends you an invoice “as a favor” this is forged and will be suspended if caught; please do not send an invoice unless it is a real invoice from a supplier’s system that was paid for. If you do not have, it is better not to send then to create one.

5️⃣ Sellers reported that AH dashboard had multiple Fair Pricing policy complaints from old and discontinued items. No need to panic as nobody was suspended. Deleting the listing sometimes removes the policy complaint but this is clearly a quirk.

6️⃣ eBay is suspending for what Amazon calls velocity reviews if you sell too much too fast. eBay is suspending Amazon style the last few months so selling there without invoices can get you into trouble.

7️⃣ For suspected rights owner: “if you do not take steps to address the policy violations and incur additional violations, your Amazon selling account may be deactivated.”

8️⃣ Sellers are stating that they start shipments and before completing, the FBA limit changes, and they cannot complete the shipment. A concerned ASGTG seller has stated “I started completing shipments right away for that reason I don’t think Amazon cancels shipments after it’s completed.”

9️⃣ Flammable inventory storage capacity was reduced for many sellers. No notification was sent but if you reach out they will confirm this “We have identified sellers who have flammable on-hand inventories of over 100 Cubic Feet and are reducing their capacity from current levels. We feel that this reduction is necessary for the safety of our FC associates as well as the products housed at these FCs.”

🔟 Many violate this so please correct “Attribute needing correction: Bullet points. Detected inaccurate or inappropriate content: Using symbols other than letters and numbers. “Please be informed that this product has been identified as a smoking pipe, smoking pipe accessory, or glass smoking pipe filter. “ “This violation will be deleted from your account health after the review of your Plan of Action.”

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 

Hazmat Flameout / Funds Wrongly Disbursed / Fair Pricing Quirk on AH

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