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FBA Running Low on Space?/ SFP link back up / Jolly SP Member

August 06, 2020| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All

1️⃣ There has been another wave of related account suspension that seems incorrect or nitpicking. In many cases, Amazon suspended.MX and.CA accounts but leaves the US account intact. If you do not need the.CA and.MX, I would just leave it and take your chances as emailing them may cause them to suspend the US account. Some were already reinstated.

2️⃣ Whoops! I may have misspoken. SFP link is back for amazon sellers.

3️⃣ Stock up for what is predicted to be the biggest Q4 yet with a Payability Instant Advance. Get up to $250,000 in 24 hours with no credit checks. Unlike other options that hold you to the full fee no matter what, Instant Advance offers a fee rebate for every week it’s collected early. Instant Advance also works well alongside other funding options such as term loans, SBA loans, Amazon Lending, and more. You can also receive accelerated daily payouts with Instant Access. There are no origination fees, no hidden fees, and no complicated paperwork. Get an offer today! (Sponsored)

4️⃣ There have been major delays in FBA inbound at many locations and regardless of how it shipped. A member has stated, “UBER Freight has been working well for pallets and shipments are being checked in right away”. Amazon sent this message to a member “Due to a backlog at the Phoenix 7 (PHX7) fulfillment center, we are asking for your help in routing heavy bulky shipments to a nearby facility so that we can receive them in a timelier manner.” See this article on it. Make sure you can ship MF this holiday season.

5️⃣ “You are receiving this email because some or all of your inventory was incorrectly marked as expired and removed from our Fulfillment Centers sometime in the last 5 months. The issue was caused by a system error that we have since resolved. We apologize for the error and have applied a credit of $ XXXX to your Seller account due to the loss of your inventory.”

6️⃣ Many sellers received this even though it does not seem to apply to them. “Please upload your Austrian VAT Registration Number now on Seller Central to reduce friction on your selling account. Under the Austria Digital Tax Act 2020, Amazon has an obligation to share the identity and transactional data on selling partners making sales to Austrian customers with the Austrian Tax Authority. This identity data includes the selling partners VAT registration number in Austria. Amazon may suspend selling privileges to customers in Austria if this is not provided.”

7️⃣ Jolly SP member! “Hello and Happy Friday from Amazon. We appreciate your partnership, and wanted to let you know that we have reimbursed one of your recent returns. Please find this in your current statement as an “Other” credit. Thank you for selling on Sincerely, Seller Performance Team Amazon.Com.”

8️⃣ There has been no new update on the BB glitch and all the mods are saying is that it’s working as intended. Some sellers have said it has further improved so likely they tinkering with it. Sept 1 company information goes public. I think they will show the legal entity name and the address from the “business address”. If the name on the business address is different then the legal entity, I am not sure what will be displayed though likely the legal entity.

9️⃣ Walmart recently removed restrictions on many covid19 items (ie cleaning gloves, cleaning sponges & scrubbing pads, dish soaps, laundry bleach) so try listing there if it was gated previously.

🔟 Amazon started rolling out an “early appeal” option for accounts at risk. Multiple notifications and communication are now (finally) being sent prior to inventory destruction. (HT Amazon)

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 

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