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Inventory and Fee Reconciliation

Contact Ed to receive reimbursements owed to you.


Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds thoroughly and accurately. Only very accurate and solid cases opened.

– high quality, clean and accurate cases!
– multiple types of discrepancies (lost and damages at amazon facilities, carrier damages, refunds, returns, inbound, FBA fees overcharges and more)
 **NEW and unique: FBA fees overcharges based on dimensions! we’re claiming now for the 2017 fees period (just changed on feb 22) and great results!
** personalized and DEDICATED service, with collaboration sheet when additional docs needed!
All this combined giving outstanding results – great recovery!

** exclusively for large accounts


ASGTG/ Effyzaz Inc terms of services.

Inventory Reconciliation

Account Suspension Recovery

Suspended? Ed’s extensive knowledge of Amazon and proven high success rate will have your account reinstated ASAP.


Blocked ASIN Recovery

Ignoring an Amazon ASIN restriction notification can lead to further consequences from Amazon. Let’s avoid that.

Relist Blocked ASIN

Rights Owner Complaints

Even most established Amazon sellers can be jeopardized by just one Owner Right complaint. We’ll make sure this won’t happen.

Fight RO Complaints

Account Assessment & Monitoring

Avoid suspensions by keeping your account in good health. Monitor your Amazon store daily to immediately detect any unsatisfied customers or issues with account performance.

Monitor my Account

Walmart Suspensions

Contact Ed to Work on Having it Reinstated!

Get Reinstated

Category Approval

Need Approval? We Can Assist You! We will help you prepare and help you submit the documentation for approvals.

Get approved

Amazon Special Situations

Amazon Lending/ Merchant Fulfilled /Shipping Abilities

Get Amazon Help