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No Website Info on Images / ASGTG+Retail Global LIVE Sept 23 / Violations for items never listed.


Clarification on Messaging / “potential high price error” Fail / Virtual Event Recap and Next One.

September 10, 2020| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

1️⃣ Amazon announced changes/clarification that will go into effect Nov 3 regarding buyer/seller messaging. Here is a great summary on the “changes”. It’s mainly clarification with uncharacteristically specific and clear TOS rules (HT Amazon). 2️⃣...


Say NO to Paid Upvotes / Appeal 1 ASIN at a Time / ASGTG+ Retail Global Event

September 03, 2020| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All 1️⃣ Some sellers were suspended for review manipulation that (also) purchased upvotes so please do not do that at all. Some sellers were suspended for RO or suspected RO complaints on listings that were deleted years ago. 2️⃣ Petition...


ASGTG+Retail Global Event / Circumvent FBA limitations / ” cleaving inconsistent variations”

August 27, 2020| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All 1️⃣ SP has sent restricted product notifications for listing that have seller specific information. In a few cases, the seller store name AND the brand name are the same and they incorrectly sent that message. You need to appeal and appeal...


Major SFP changes / FBA Onsite over / “Time Before” on invoices

August 19, 2020| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All 1️⃣ Amazon SFP announced major changes that will make it much harder for a seller to remain active in this program. (As mentioned 2 weeks ago, the SFP link was down for a few days and it appeared like the program is ending or changing.) 2️⃣...


Build-A-POA! / FBA IPI / FBA messages coming in Chinese

August 13, 2020| Posted by : admin| 1 Comment

Hello All 1️⃣ Build-A-POA - Possible glimpse into the future? Amazon is toying with a build a POA concept which will allow sellers to build a POA from dropdowns with pre-written templates. Amazon SP is upping their game. 2️⃣ There have been...


FBA Running Low on Space?/ SFP link back up / Jolly SP Member

August 06, 2020| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All 1️⃣ There has been another wave of related account suspension that seems incorrect or nitpicking. In many cases, Amazon suspended.MX and.CA accounts but leaves the US account intact. If you do not need the.CA and.MX, I would just leave...


SFP on the brink? / Washington NFL confusion / Listing Violations Fixes.

July 30, 2020| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All 1) This SFP  link is broken which may (or may not) mean Amazon is getting ready to change or end the program. 2) “Washington NFL confusion”. SP knocked off (mistakenly) some Seahawks and other NFL teams items “ With the announcement...


Improved Communication / Credit for $1.00 / Easy way to speak to Captive Team.

July 23, 2020| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All 1) Thousands of sellers waiting for a response from SP received this email, which is a major step in improved communication. “Hello, we are in the process of reviewing your account. We appreciate your patience and apologize for the delay....


New! Account Health Rating / BuyBox Drama Continues / IPI Minimum Threshold Raised

July 16, 2020| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All 1) Major News! Account health now has an Account Health Rating, so you know your account health status in real-time. The goal is so that you are not stunned when you're suspended and you can improve as your rating goes down. Please keep in...