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AHR A Bit Off / Bogus Confirmed Counterfeit / FBA Fee Changes

Hello all 1️⃣ Amazon punished the victim  and this business lost $7 million; In a dramatic #workWithUsAmazon, the suits reinstated a massive account suspended for nothing.; AHR seemed a bit out of whack on some accounts; Overall SP was...


Suits Ban Suspensions / Restock Limit Update / Rare Earth Magnets

November 17, 2022| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello all 1️⃣ SP has introduced a new Account Health Assurance which will ban suspensions for sellers that meet certain criteria and will #workWithUs; I aggregated  some of the most pressing looming disasters that are waiting to be resolved;...


Suits Bounce Back / KYC Improvements / Slight Restock Improvements

November 10, 2022| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All 1️⃣ SP bounced back this week & even reinstated the 100+ employee business suspended for nothing in last week's summary; There were quite a few large accounts suspended this week for the usual; Amazon Help on twitter is now working...


Vendor Central Sending Less POS / Blame The Victim / Incorrect Safety Notifications

November 03, 2022| Posted by : admin| 1 Comment

Hello all 1️⃣ Many sellers are hurting from restocking limits, and there is no path right now to remedy this. It appears some vendors in VC have stopped receiving Pos, or they have been drastically reduced; SP was once again in a crummy mood in this...


Restock Limits Reduced / Seller Forums Meltdown / More Details on Sellers

October 27, 2022| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello all 1️⃣ Amazon drastically reduced restock limits for many sellers on Monday and then the following days as well. Snap group on issue; Lots of suspensions for Drop Shipping, some for abusing other sellers, some for no known reason, some for...

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