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Bogus Related Account Suspension Petition / SeaMOD verifies ASGTG Rumor / BSR Supplements Mystery

November 18, 2021| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello all

1️⃣ We started a petition on the ongoing related account issue. Please sign and share. Most of the suspensions are on smallish & newish accounts so maybe some kind of cleanup. One account was suspended for being related to itself! If you call AH & they give you the person or store name of the root account, please ask them to spell it so it’s easier to locate. AH seems very frustrated & one even stated, “if it were me reviewing the case, I would have opened it.”; Unfortunately, a few sellers were victims of evil BH attacks with the obvious goal of wiping out Black Friday sales.

2️⃣ “The steps you have taken to prevent this violation in the future. {IF SELLER ADMITS THERE IS 3RD-PARTY INVOLVEMENT IN THE VIOLATION, THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IS ALSO NEEDED}.”

3️⃣ A) Did you know that 75% of businesses overpaid on their past workers compensation premiums?
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4️⃣ This error was mentioned in Apr 15 ASGTG weekly. It should now be fixed even if you didn’t receive an email. “We already have a vendor relationship with this Brand, through which we source products directly from the Brand for sale by Amazon to customers. Please contact your Vendor Manager, Amazon Retail contact, or the Brand directly with questions or to add inventory for this product through Vendor Central.”

5️⃣ A Seller Forums MOD seems to have corroborated a previous ASGTG rumor that SNL will raise the 7$ cap.

6️⃣ Some suspended sellers received this “We noticed there is no activity in the last 90 days and temporarily put selling acct to inactive status. you can reactivate my acct by changing my charge method.”

7️⃣ “– Greater detail on the actions you have taken to resolve Dropshipmrnt violation: “higher than expected cancellations” ; Amazon has been locking out sellers that are confirming shipments without actually shipping so never ever do that.

8️⃣ “This product is in a fulfillment center that is newly established. Please allow 30 days for this ASIN to become active.” (HT MT)

9️⃣ Amazon renewed has been emailing “I am writing to inform you that we have some data from your quality feedback that raised a bit of concern. We have not enforced you all as a result, but we definitely want to get some time on the calendar as soon as possible to discuss with our Quality Manager.”

🔟 BSR was removed for some categories – most notably supplements.

Good Shabbos — Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the SANE Seller 

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