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ASGTG Summary: February 6, 2017

February 06, 2017| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

1. This is a very serious situation in RO emails. “We consider allegations of counterfeit a serious matter and your account is under review. If we receive more complaints about your listings, we may not allow you to sell on”. There are differences between the different RO complaints and the seemingly small details are important.

2. If you need to increase your storage limit. Here’s a new self-help tool.
Choose standard or oversize (seems you can request both one after the other)
Can be used once in 2 weeks (HT HR)

3. If you have a sellers account with at least 50 bad feedbacks in the last 365 days and want me to go through it and try to remove some, reach out to me ( I can take it even if you have software do auto removing.
4. Plantronics has given notice that they plan on aggressively protecting their brand.

5. When dealing with untrue “related account” suspensions, if you have a linked account open with permission, worth mentioning to them that you have a permissible related account and show them the email and the date permission was given. Do not assume that that must not be it, because it can be.

6. I partnered with Sellerwit
(10% off code ASTGTENOFF) on creating a module that monitors account health / metrics / violations on multiple Amazon Seller accounts. I think there is a need for this so you can quickly identify and fix an issue without logging in and out. They are adding eBay and other platforms as well so you will be able to monitor all your account health metrics in one dashboard for extremely cheap.

7. Asking buyers to edit product feedback can and has been called review manipulation. Here is a link on how to deal with bad product feedback

8. Sellers are saying that restricted product removal notifications are now coming
from multiple countries in one notification. For example, a notification received in seller central Canada, contained restricted products from Canada, UK, Japan, Mexico, etc (HT YG)

9. “Your listing of xxxxxxx has been closed as the negative customer experience rate of XX% (returns, refunds or contacts) on recent orders is considerably higher than similar listings. Please click on the link below for more details. After you have resolved any product or listing issues, you can relist your item immediately without contacting Amazon.” Many sellers are asking what to do here. This is basically informational. They letting you know there is an issue. If it’s a fluke, you can relist. If there is something on the listing or packing you can do to fix the issue, do that and you can relist. Otherwise close the listing because it can lead to a SP notification. Also , pay attention if the high negative rate is 6% or 35% (big difference).

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