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ASGTG Summary & Event Recap: 4/28

May 05, 2017| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Exactly a week after the  ASGTG Workshop & Meetup 2017 we are still left with lingering feelings, from this smashing success! Turnout was incredible- thanks to each and every of you who attended. The fascinating speakers each outdid themselves with information packed presentations and well-organized slides.

We can’t possibly say it better than our partners themselves:

“This was an event for Amazon sellers at all levels. It was a great show, with great attendance.” On the lighter side, “We feel compelled to make special note — incredible food. Ed and his group put on a buffet to end all buffets!”

“I had good expectations….you marketed it hard! We actually were surprised by how many good (Amazon) sellers were there. It was just a lot of fun too! Lots of good content… Great place to meet people. There were tons of people there….. We can’t say thank you enough for having us come to the event. We will certainly be a big supporter in future years.” (Malcolm from Tophatter)

The event was brought to a close by the Award-Winning Marketing Strategist, Speaker, Columnist, and Good Friend, Rabbi Issamer Goldstein

Before the  event, he remarked:

“I never accept speeches on Thursday night. Although i travel a lot though try to be home for the weekend. I said yes since I figured it was good for the people who were attending.”

Rabbi Isaamer Ginzberg- the crowd of people listening until (or actually past ) the very end sure proved you right!

A multitude of great topics were covered.

The following are a quick glimpse of the range and depth of the presentations:

  • The Difference Between Selling a Product vs. Building a Brand by Kevin Rizer

  • Tricks that could increase your bottom line by 10s and even 100s of thousands by Kevin King, a “walking encyclopedia of Amazon and Marketing “

  • Every step needed to go from a 1-person show to a major operation, plus the systems utilized to grow and automate it to beyond $100,000/month, by Chad Rubin, someone who’s achieved a rare accomplishment: a recognized brand name that stands for something more than just sales.

ASGTG is planning to have the videos of all presentations ready by or before May 15th.

It’s nearly impossible to imagine another event coming close to this one. Though with the ASGTG’s past track record-we’re certain the next one will outdo this one may times over!

Stay tuned for Amazon Seller’s Group Meetup 2018!!


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