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ASGTG 2020 magical event /Child Restraint system safety /A few drop shipping suspensions.

January 16, 2020| Posted by : admin| 1 Comment

Hello All
1) Truly no words of thanks to the 850+ attendees that have made the annual event far and away from the most electrifying and significant Amazon Sellers event in the world (and that’s an understatement). Everyone agreed that the caliber of sellers is unmatched. The videos of the presentations will be sent out when ready in a few weeks max. You can purchase them here if you didn’t attend. Many people asked how to join the groups. You can find them all here. The best is the Telegram groups, followed by the FB Seller Performance group.

2) “We are writing to you because you may be selling Child Restraint Systems. To provide the best possible customer experience, Amazon is enforcing safety requirements for all Child Restraint Systems. As a result, you must provide safety documentation mentioned in the help page. If this documentation is not provided, we will no longer sell these Child Restraint Systems ASINs on Amazon.”

3) Joel Wolh, (MC at ASGTG2020) has launched a brand new Amazon Advertising tool for FREE. Introducing PPC REV a revolutionary new tool for PPC management. Get reports on your campaign’s performance and automatically increase or decrease budgets daily – sign up here. For more information or to learn about our full PPC management service, reach out to joel@ppcrevolution.com via email or WhatsApp: 718.887.5799. (Sponsored)

4) “Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support, thank you for providing us your plan of action. It shows how much you would like to sell again, shows dedication to selling on Amazon. And it speaks highly of you. Thus, I would like to help you get your selling privileges back. You may send your email directly to our seller-performance@amazon.com. Our Seller Performance team will review the information you provide and contact you via e-mail with a final decision.”

5) You cannot create removal orders to ship products to customers. “NOTE: It is a violation of seller facing policy to use the removal tool to fulfill customer orders or to send gifts/promotions. If the seller abuses the removal tool in this way, they could lose their ability to create removals or they could lose their ability to sell on Amazon entirely.

6) “Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support, we have engaged our technicians to research ASIN- B0XXXXXXX. We will update you as soon as additional information is available. Thank you for selling with Amazon, XXXXXX R.”

7) Quite a few sellers are suspended for violating the Amazon Drop Shipping Policy. Here is the policy. “Be the seller of record of your products;”

8) When your account is “under review” and they ask for a POA and invoices – this is a new email they send when your “good to go” “We reviewed the information you provided and have removed the disbursement hold on your Amazon seller account. If you have any funds in your account, they are now available. Please follow the steps described in your plan of action to resolve and prevent future complaints about your listings.”

9) New!!! How do I prevent my account from being temporarily deactivated?
To prevent your account from being deactivated, within 72 hours please send us an acknowledgment that you understand and agree with the statements below:

10) As usual, more sellers are suspended for forged invoices. It’s pretty much impossible to get back from these. Please never ever forge a document.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller (https://www.asgtg.com/)

ASGTG 2020 magical event /Child Restraint system safety /A few drop shipping suspensions.

  1. Teri Green says:

    Thanks for the post Ed. I enjoy reading your posting every Thursday. Look forward to meeting you at the seminar in Brooklyn.

    Atlas Biomechanics

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