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Amazon Robot Bribing ASGTG / LG as IP warning / New Details on Condition Guidelines

February 18, 2021| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

1️⃣ Seller Forums member Oceanman has stated that ASGTG is a front for Amazon and that I receive ‘reverse bribes’ via dodgecoin funneled through a corrupt Amazon Robot (code named COOKIE) to protect Amazon from bad media coverage. Here is my response. “Cynthia” Stine investigating “Dirty Robots & The Aliens That Love them”. Happy Purim.

2️⃣ “To help us improve our services, we’d like to hear your feedback on how we divide and place your shipments at different receive centers or fulfillment centers in our network…We also want to learn about any adjustments you need to make to your shipping plans based on how your shipments are placed.”

3️⃣ Worried about losing your Prime badge due to not meeting the new Seller Fulfilled Prime nationwide 1-day and 2-day delivery metrics? Scrambling to figure out how to quickly expand your Prime coverage? Cahoot order fulfillment network can help! Nationwide 1-Day Coverage —  Affordable SFP Fulfillment Mon-Sat — Fast Onboarding — Advanced Monitoring & Notifications. To learn more, contact and visit Cahoot or watch our on-demand webinar: Meeting New SFP Requirements. (sponsored)

4️⃣ Do not use LG as large as they get picked up as suspected intellectual property warning. A seller received a state income tax letter from PA even though he does not reside there.

5️⃣ Nice Rights owner communication: This listing is offering XXXXX product bearing the ” XXXXX ” word mark under the incorrect and misleading brand name; ” XXXXX ”. ASIN: XXXXX Trademark number: 0000000 (HT Amazon)

6️⃣ “Hello xxxxxxxxxx, We have received your appeal and are reviewing the information you provided. No inventory will be destroyed while we are completing our investigation. We will send you an email when we have reached a decision.”

7️⃣ Scroll to the bottom as there are new details for condition guidelines.

8️⃣ A lot of Chinese on emails this week. There are still false positive warnings and even suspensions based on rank manipulation that is really just high conversion rates based on a solid external traffic campaign. Ping me if this happened to you (suspended and process not working)

9️⃣ Sellers have stated that bad ODR is hurting their sales sort of like eBay does when your rating sinks to below average.

🔟 “Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,
I understand your concern where you want to add product with new condition for ASIN – XXXXXXX.
I have checked that new condition is not available for this ASIN, you need create new listing for your product.”

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller

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