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A Confession From ED / Fake Recalls / Merge Multiple Accounts

February 11, 2021| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All

1️⃣ On RO complaints they are giving (on occasion) the actual communication between the brand and Amazon when the complaint was filed. Dietary Supplements will now thankfully have much more compliance requirements to ensure item specs are accurate. This was a highly abusive category in the past. A confession from ED. “Amazon Services Team” popped up – Welcome to the show!

2️⃣ Listing generic against a branded listing is a major violation even if it is a non-important PL brand and you think the TM holder “did nothing” to the item. Please create your own listing with your own brand in this case.

3️⃣ Amazon is cracking down on uninsured sellers. This is not as costly as you think. Get the insurance coverage you need to be 100% Amazon compliant! Ameri Coverage Insurance are the experts in providing the insurance you need for your Amazon business and products for an affordable price. To get the proper insurance is quick and easy. Be in compliance and protected at the same time, for a Free quote or call Ameri Coverage 732-994-2294. (Sponsored).

4️⃣ New Home Depot ASGTG TG Group. All Groups. Please share. Amazon Business w/ 3 employees suspended, reinstated but still suspended. Employees terminated.

5️⃣ “Some of the item they received from you did not have an expiration date. All topical and consumable products (including nutritional supplements), whether for human or animal consumption, are considered to be subject to expiration, even if an expiration date is not indicated on the product’s outer packaging.”

6️⃣ Some sellers received item recall complaints that seem totally inaccurate.

7️⃣ “As per Amazon guidelines, this product has been identified as Jimson Weed. Jimson Weed is a DEA drug of concern and is prohibited from sale or listing on Amazon.”

8️⃣ “Since Monday, we are experiencing some kind of issues with the system and the listings with stranded inventory. The ASINs are now active on the detail page.”

9️⃣ The padded delays for “arrival date” for MF orders is still an issue for many sellers. Quite a lot of listings are being offered the option of appeal with checkboxes and just agreeing to follow policy and then reinstated. (HT Amazon).

🔟 You can now merge multiple accounts including your Vendor Central. (HT JB).

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller 

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