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HQ2 NYC not happening/ Check return reports/ Event Videos Sent Out

February 14, 2019| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All

1) “You appear to be charging excessive shipping prices for expedited or premium delivery for one or more of your seller fulfilled products in violation of Amazon’s Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy.” This policy can be found on this link. 

2) A seller who never sent emails to buyers got this: “Hello, We understand that you may have sent some unnecessary emails to buyers. Sellers on are not allowed to send emails unrelated to order fulfillment and customer service. If you continue to send inappropriate emails to members of the community, we may not allow you to sell on”

3) We got great feedback on Bradley Sutton’s, the Success Manager at Helium 10 presentation at the ASGTG event. His training videos and live workshops are viewed monthly by over 100,000 Amazon sellers of all levels. Helium 10 is offering a discount to ASGTG members for the 6-Part live training with Bradley.  You can use the coupon ASGTG10 to receive 10% off Every Month. For Life. (sponsored)

4) “Dear Seller, We have identified that you are shipping orders from a region that is impacted by Winter Storm Nadia. To protect customer experience, we removed the Prime badge from all your Seller Fulfilled Prime offers until February 14th (2:00 pm PST). Please note that even if the region you are shipping from is not directly impacted by the weather, this procedure is being put in place to mitigate impact to customer experience based on carrier feedback.” Many NY based sellers received this email (clearly by mistake).

5) From a concerned ASGTG member. “Please Check Return reports. Someone from an Amazon address ordered and then returned and marked “not as described on the website,” and in comments, “used for amazon live shoot” and they received a full refund. No one ever contacted me that they will be doing a live shoot. I was reimbursed after I opened a case and pointed this out”

6) The Event 2019 Videos have been sent out. The slides were sent out a week earlier. The slides are also in the video description for your convenience. If you came to the event and didn’t’ get the videos, please email me. Please do not share them with anyone without permission or post anywhere online. If anyone who didn’t come to the event would like to watch them, they can purchase them on this link. Here is a summary of the interviews. 

7) Our search TG by email no longer requires signing up. Send an email to and put any word(s) on the subject (i.e. Apple) and you will get all occurrences ever from all ASGTG groups. It’s priceless when you’re researching if a brand files RO and significantly better then any “LIST.” I also started a new Telegram group to discuss different payment gateways (Paypal, stripe, etc.)  You can post any technical issues or relevant issues. This is a full list of all of the groups. 

8) Amazon has dropped its NYC HQ2 plan.

9) There have been multiple reports of the notice team responding much slower than usual.

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg – ASGTG – The Voice of the Seller

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