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Video Verification Coming Soon/ ASGTG Breaking News Available via SMS / VC sending 0 or less POS

January 10, 2019| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All

1) Amazon.CA has started asking some users to connect a webcam during signup to use for verification purposes. “Video Capture We will record a 5-second video of your face. The video will be encrypted and stored for identification purpose. To Proceed, enable access to your webcam” As predicted in my article last week about multiple accounts, in 2019 Amazon plans to increase the security and identification of each account. It’s unclear if this is just for new accounts going forward or all accounts.

ASGTG Breaking News is now reported in

2) Very rare: “We still need more information about your plan to address the sale of stolen items on your account.”

3) List on Fire helps you list your Amazon items on eBay, manage the Multi-Channel orders, Inventory sync, shows you the exact price to list on eBay after all your fees. All automated. See a quick demo  ASGTG discount 15% for the next 6 months. Email:, or call 718-831-2492 (sponsored)

4) “If you believe your supplier is at fault for this report and you will not be sourcing inventory from them again, reply to this email with a plan of action to stop sourcing inventory from this supplier.”

5) “Hello, you have misused the feedback feature on our website. This violates our policies. Therefore, you cannot continue to sell on” If you put too much pressure on buyers to remover bad seller feedback – it causes all kinds of issues. (Product feedbacks do not even mention to the buyer.)

6) There is a new Drop Shippers TG group. The list of all the groups has been updated and is now better organized.

7) Less than three weeks for the ASGTG 5th annual event (voted #2 Amazon sellers’ event). We are using #asgtg19 for all info related to the event.

8) Vendor Central has stopped issuing POS for many Vendors for reasons unknown. It’s likely is related to business reasons and a fundamentally restructuring on the VC business model. Their communication is not great and response time is very slow.

9) Some sellers that had funds blocked a long time for forged invoices recently had their funds released the past few days. (Unclear if it was related to my article last week). If you have funds held for a long time for forged invoices (where the items were not counterfeit), try appealing for your funds now.

10) If you have a good or bad experience with anyone on the shared provider sheet, please leave a review which is kept hidden and can be anonymous. (The review icon is next to each vendors information in the “actions” column.)

Good Shabbos – Ed Rosenberg

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