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HMRC Suspensions/ Vat Petition/ ASIN Title Cleanup/ 2-step Verification

October 19, 2017| Posted by : admin| 0 Comments

Hello All,

1. “You may no longer sell on Amazon.com because you have supplied documentation to Amazon which appears to be forged or manipulated. “

Amazon seems to have become more aggressive at verifying if an invoice or document is doctored. If you need an invoice revised to meet Amazon guidelines, you have to ask the supplier to revise and reissue a revised invoice in their system. Amazon will call and verify that the invoice is as the supplier has issued.

2. HMRC has been making Amazon suspend sellers even after they submit a VAT# if they do not back pay what you owe for years past. I started a petition to benefit HMRC, Amazon, Amazon Sellers and Amazon buyers. Click here to see it and I hope it convinces HMRC that a settlement on past VAT owed, considering the circumstances is a benefit for everyone.

Click here to join the petition.
The most accurate and up to date VAT info is in the UK TG group. To join, please enter your email, on this form.

3. Longtime ASGTG member Aaron Parnes successfully developed new sales opportunities for Amazon sellers, via Facebook ads and special offers to target customers. Great opportunity for the busy holiday selling season. Learn more at www.razorclicks.com/funnels  or email aaron@razorclicks.com.

4. Some interesting new language:

The products have been identified as food supplements that do not contain ingredient information in the ingredients field. The sale of such products is prohibited on Amazon.co.uk.”

“This product has been identified as a real or replica government badge, identification document, birth certificate, passport, or license. These are not permitted for sale on Amazon.com.”

 “This product has been identified as a children’s toy laser product that incorporates a laser over Class 1 or exceeding an output of 1 mW. Amazon policy prohibits the sale of these products.”

5. “Thank you for selling on Amazon. Your success is important to us, and we are working continuously to identify opportunities to improve both the selling and buying experience. Our research shows that ASIN titles that meet our guidelines have improved the customer experience. Based on the research, Amazon cleans up ASIN titles to remove excess/irrelevant/inaccurate descriptions that do not meet our ASIN title requirements. We will enable improvements to our clean-up process by the end of Q3 2017.”

6. “On October 31, all accounts must be protected by Two-Step Verification. “

7. “We understand that you may have had an impolite or unprofessional call with the seller support team. Sellers on Amazon.com are not allowed to converse or send inappropriate emails. If you continue to converse or send inappropriate emails to members of the Amazon.com community, we may not allow you to sell on Amazon.com.”

Ed Rosenberg, Good Shabbos!

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