RO Complaint

Contact Ed to Work on Having it Retracted


It is important to try to reinstate an ASIN that gets blocked because of a Rights Owner. I can help you communicate with Amazon if there is no violation and try to reach out to the RO to obtain retraction. If this is not successful, even after all escalations, then will hand over the case to a lawyer, who will handle the case at a reduced rate.
The charge is $500. You can begin the process by filling out the form below.
If you are selling counterfeit, please do not fill out the form . I cannot and do not want to take this case

RO Complaint

Account Suspension Recovery

Suspended? Ed’s extensive knowledge of Amazon and proven high success rate will have your account reinstated ASAP.


Blocked ASIN Recovery

Ignoring an Amazon ASIN restriction notification can lead to further consequences from Amazon. Let’s avoid that.

Relist Blocked ASIN

FBA Inventory Reconciliation

Apply for reimbursement rightfully owed to you by reconciling your FBA inventory and refunds thoroughly and accurately. Only very accurate and solid cases opened.

Reconcile Inventory